"When I heard the beautiful music of Yosef, I just knew I had to have him play for our annual event. I brought his music to our board meeting and it was a slam dunk. Yosef was gracious to have provided his extraordinary and professional talents for our Annual Charity Event, "A Night of Jazz". It was a success. The music got people moving and afterwards, that was all I heard, "where did you find this talented young man?". All I can say is thank you Yosef, and for anyone who needs beautiful music at your event, I would hire this very talented musician."


    -Adriane Taylor, Founder and CEO of Kids Roc LLC.

"I attended a concert where Yosef performed amazing on a grand piano. Afterwards, he was so friendly, he offered a CD and signed it. The sounds from his CD are so beautiful. The song, "A Dreamer's Paradise" is exactly that. It takes you away to a place that you just dream of. I truly hope he makes more CD's and plays more concerts. I will go see him."


"I attended a charity event in Norfolk, Virginia (Night of Jazz) with my loving husband. We have been going to this event for several years now, as it is a very great event to help raise money for talented kids who need musical instruments and stay off the streets. In years past they have had entertainers, like DJ's and other types of entertainers. This time when we heard this Jazz pianist, my husband and I were blown away. The sounds coming from this young man playing was so impressive. More amazing, was all songs played that evening were his originals. He was very humble and talked to the crowd and made the night enchanted for me and my husband. Matter of fact, I think we donated more that night. All I can say is Yosef is a very fine man and musician to listen to."

    -Mr. and Mrs. Clyde

"I am a student at Norfolk State University who attended an Art exposition of a photographer. At the exposition was a talented musician playing keyboards. The music made the viewing of the photographs more enjoyable than just walking into a gallery and viewing them. The musician was very talented and a lot of people I noticed were standing around watching him afterwards after looking at the photographs. I know I did. I got his business card and his name was Yosef. He is very talented and I know I would hire him if I had an event."​

    -Big B

"There was a photographic display at Norfolk State of a photographer who took many photographs of famous people for an event. At the event was a young man named Yosef playing keyboards. I stood in the corner and just listened to him for I would say a few hours. He was so talented. I truly forgot why I was there in the first place, lol. I realized it was for photographs. It truly turned out to be more of a social and the music truly helped. I took a business card from Yosef and would recommend his talents to anyone for any event. He plays all kinds of music."

    -Ms. Gloria